I've MOVED!!!

 Wait, didn't there used to be a blog here?

Yes, friends. I've moved. And there were no boxes required! If you're looking for the lillypie blog it is now Love, Laura Beth!

You can find all my posts both present and past at my new URL.


How do you like to follow blogs? I do it two ways.

1. I connect using Google Friend Connect. You can see my old one over to the left on your screen. See the blue Join this Site button? Well on my NEW blog www.lovelaurabeth.blogspot.com you can follow that way and you'll be able to see my posts along with any other blogs you follow when you log into gmail or any google site. But don't do it here---- nothing new or exciting will happen here anymore!!!

2. BlogLovin' : THis is the primary site I use to follow blogs. I use it because it has an app that I downloaded for free from the App Store and I can follow all my favorite blogs and their feeds show up in one place on my phone or tablet. If I'm using my laptop I can also log in and see the posts I've missed there as well.

Click HERE to follow Love, Laura Beth through bloglovin.

I follow blogs both ways. I'm not very consistent.

So what I'm trying to get at here is if you're looking for Lillypie----it's moved.

Please update the way you follow me because I would hate to not have you around!


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