I've MOVED!!!

 Wait, didn't there used to be a blog here?

Yes, friends. I've moved. And there were no boxes required! If you're looking for the lillypie blog it is now Love, Laura Beth!

You can find all my posts both present and past at my new URL.


How do you like to follow blogs? I do it two ways.

1. I connect using Google Friend Connect. You can see my old one over to the left on your screen. See the blue Join this Site button? Well on my NEW blog www.lovelaurabeth.blogspot.com you can follow that way and you'll be able to see my posts along with any other blogs you follow when you log into gmail or any google site. But don't do it here---- nothing new or exciting will happen here anymore!!!

2. BlogLovin' : THis is the primary site I use to follow blogs. I use it because it has an app that I downloaded for free from the App Store and I can follow all my favorite blogs and their feeds show up in one place on my phone or tablet. If I'm using my laptop I can also log in and see the posts I've missed there as well.

Click HERE to follow Love, Laura Beth through bloglovin.

I follow blogs both ways. I'm not very consistent.

So what I'm trying to get at here is if you're looking for Lillypie----it's moved.

Please update the way you follow me because I would hate to not have you around!

Love, Laura Beth ( new blog, new name, same me)

I walked away from Lillypie in March. Can you believe its already been 7 months?! I knew that it was the right decision because of the flooding of peace I felt when I came to my decision.  I wrote about it HERE if you'd like to read. You know what, I don't miss it. Let me be clear, I DO miss the income. That was such a blessing.  I DO miss the connections and relationships built with my customers. I don't miss the long hours. I don't miss the late nights. and weirdly enough I don't miss the creating.

How can something that defined me for so long not be missed?

The answer is because I've grown as a person. I'm learning to not define myself by hobbies, interests, or even my family. I'm learning to define myself and someone who is LOVED by God and made in his image.

So while Lillypie was ME for 3 years---it's not anymore. I'm so much more.

It's easy to put yourself inside of a find of  "this is who I am."  Did you not spend most of your twenties trying to find out who you were? ohhhh Phewy, I sure did.  I wanted to fit in a mold. I knew I was creative. I knew I was artistic. I knew I was emotion-led. I knew I was outgoing. So by golly I tried to put myself in one of those categories at all times. Looking back I can see how important it was for me to find out WHO I WAS. But now, I feel more of a tug to define myself by   to WHOM I BELONG.

He created me. He knit me. He has a purpose for me----and you know what? That's fricken amazing. He also did that for you. YOU.  Don't allow yourself to be defined by things, character traits, or even people. While amazing and life giving---they aren't the entire you. All those THINGS can be stripped from you in a moment. Ohhhh how that scares me--you too right?!  Ack! Stop thinking about it Laura.

Okay. So with all this thinking I've been doing I've decided to revamp and improve this blog. This blog has always evolved with me. Take a trip down memory lane?

((I've linked these words to my favorite post from that "stage" if you'd like to click back and read my previous posts.))

First it was a pregnancy journal called Oh, Baby
Then it was a mommy blog with the name of  LillyLoves
After a few months I announced my struggles with post partum depression ( that was so scary!) and I changed the name to The Big Cursive L.
I got healthier and really started to be inspired by women around me who were starting their own businesses.
  I had my I CAN DO THIS TOO moment and started to dabble in a handmade business called Lillypie and then changed the name to Lillypie.
The next few years I went back and forth between blogging about my life, handmade business, parenthood, and following pregnancy.

Right now? I'm trying to lose weight. I'm trying to treat my body better. I'm  coming into my own and getting healthy---after years of putting my body through hell and blaming others for my pain.

Lillypie doesn't define who I am anymore so it's time to change again.
I'm changing my blog name for the fourth time to:
  and I'm even changing the url! Throughout my 5 years blogging one thing has remained the same.  These  posts are my thoughts. I'm sharing my ideas, thoughts, stories, and struggles with you----like a letter to a friend.  So while I am not the same person I was five years ago---my purpose for writing is the same. Stories are pretty great. I don't know a soul who doesn't love a good story. The author of mine is pretty great. The Lord is writing a pretty spectacular story through me, Laura Beth.

I'm sharing it with you. I'm so glad you're choosing to listen.  I'd love to swap stories with you.

My new url will be: www.lovelaurabeth.blogspot.com
My new IG name is ; love_laurabeth
Twitter: love_laurabeth

 Come back Monday and see the new look! :)